Surprising new keyboard shortcuts

(Well, surprising me, at least)

It's been a while since I wrote these two posts about keyboard shortcut, so I'll try to summarize some neat ones I've recently learned:

Unix Shell

  • Ctrl+U deletes all characters on the cursor's left. And.. keep it in the shell's clipboard.
  • Ctrl+K deletes all characters to the cursor's right (including the cursor's position), keeps in clipboard.
  • Ctrl+Y: paste clipboard.
  • Ctrl+R: search for string in history. Multiple Ctrl+R's search for the next matches in history. Btw, It's F7/F8 on windows command prompt.

Google vim keys and more

  • Google search: Google Experimental Search, enables vim keys for browsing the results! Super useful.
  • Google Calendar support vim keys (j, k, l, m) for navigating in the calendar. Type "?" for more keyboard shortcuts.


  • Alt+F10 toggles between maximal window size and original window size.
  • Alt+F9 minimizes window
  • Alt+F8 switches to resize window mode
  • Alt+F1 opens the GNOME menu.

Thanks for Zohar and Aviv for presenting me with most of the above shortcuts.

4 thoughts on “Surprising new keyboard shortcuts

  1. Yaron Shahrabani

    You can add the followin to the list:
    >> Alt+F2 Opens the "Run Applicatioo Dialog" (Usefull if you don't have any terminal open) or your terminal session is busy with something else

  2. Yaron Shahrabani

    Also Alt+F7 moves the current window
    and Alt+F8 changes the current window size

  3. Michael Green

    Just in case, there are also
    Esc + Backspace -- Deletes one word on the cursor left.
    Esc + Left Arrow -- Moves cursor to the beginning of previous word (on cursor left)

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