A truly lame KDE 4 issue (or: command keyboard shortcuts not working)


A few days ago, I've installed KDE 4 on my Ubuntu laptop, as I wanted to replace GNOME. The GUI and default styles are really beautiful (finally someone realizes that black-based colors are best. like good old console).

One of the first things I always do when customizing a new environment, is assigning a keyboard shortcut for running konsole. After a little struggling & googling, I realized that setting a command shortcut is not available through the keyboard settings, nor through the "properties" menu of the desktop icon, because there's no such menu anymore. I think that it's a bad design, but that's one thing.

The right way for setting a command shortcut is through the menu editor (right click on K menu). After choosing an application from the menu, it's possible to assign it a shortcut key.

... Or so it seems! I've chosen my favorite key combination (ctrl+space), and it didn't work. Some googling revealed that it's a known bug with a normal severity, which will only be fixed on KDE 4.2.

Bottom line: KDE 4.1 (sounds like a mature version to me..) does not support assigning keyboard shortcuts to commands although the option is present with no warnings, and nobody is going to fix that for 4.1. This is, what I call LAME (read: unprofessional).

On my Debian desktop I still have KDE 3.5 (which is a great product), because sid is still in a deep freeze. Maybe it's good, after all.

7 thoughts on “A truly lame KDE 4 issue (or: command keyboard shortcuts not working)

  1. Oren

    Nadav: Maybe I should have done that. Still, the latest Ubuntu has v4.1 (didn't check Kubuntu, but I believe it's the same), and this means that MANY people over the world are having this significant bug..

  2. Andreas Weber

    The bug still persists in KDE 4.3 and of course in Kubuntu, so don't try these. I'm using KDE from Debian unstable and the bug you mentioned and the workaround in it work fine.

  3. Juergen Lennefer

    ... and it still persists in KDE 4.4.2 (Kubuntu 10.04). I'm just switching to KDE4 from 3.5 and missing so much functionality.
    How can one software major release step get rid of so many reliable function from the previous release? Unbelievable!!!

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