pylint Vim plugin update (0.24.0 support)

[Executives' summary (in case any executive uses Vim) - get this updated pylint.vim for compatibility with pylint 0.24.0 changes] 

Integrating Python code checker into Vim is really cool. It lets Vim provide (relatively) quick feedback on your code, be it a conventions warning or syntax error. That, in my opinion, increases coding productivity slightly.

The problem is, that configuring the vim-pylint integration is hell. for two reasons mainly:

  1. Doing it manually requires understanding of the unpleasant errorformat syntax and some other vim tricks.
  2. No good zero-setup plugin is available: official pylint.vim is unmaintained. I used to use this fork, but its not really active anymore.

Specifically, since I upgraded to latest pylint (0.24.0),  Vim stopped showing pylint's hints. That's because pylint's output was modified to contain the column number as well.

I've re-forked it, and updated it to support pylint 0.24.0. Note that it will probably fail with older versions. Please try it and send feedback (you can comment this post if easier).

3 thoughts on “pylint Vim plugin update (0.24.0 support)

  1. Meir Kriheli

    I usually prefer using rope-vim which gives syntax errors and warnings, and adds refactoring, better code-completion, find references, goto definition and more.

  2. turboraketti

    Having troubles getting it to work with pylint 0.26. Vim says:

    "" 116L, 4018C writtenAmbiguous output redirect.

    Error detected while processing function Pylint:
    line 11:
    E40: Can't open errorfile /tmp/vLP3Rb4/1code rate: 0.00, prev: 0.00

    Any hints? My setup:
    pylint 0.26.0,
    astng 0.24.1, common 0.58.2
    Python 3.2.3 (default, Apr 27 2012, 13:13:20)
    [GCC 4.1.2 20080704 (Red Hat 4.1.2-46)]

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