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Choosing a CMS: any reason NOT to choose Drupal?

While researching the current free CMS software options, I realized that Drupal wins in almost any category: it's intensively developed, has a wide community, lots of plugins, amazing taxonomy extension, etc.

I recommended an organization I volunteer at to swtich to Drupal (they need a major upgrade anyway). After I've said all the good things to convice them, they asked me: "what are the disadvantages of Drupal". Smart question. I wasn't sure what to say. In many Drupal vs. Joomla comparisons, the only Joomla advantage (more or less) was Joomla considered easier to use. From my little experience, it's not true (maybe it was, in earlier versions). A user can easily create content when using FCKEditor and IMCE plugins, and administration is also pretty straightforward.

The ease-of-use issue matters in my particular case, for it's possible that the next admin will be less technology oriented.

What do you think, is Drupal really more difficult to administer? Other reasons to choose something else?

* WordPress is really cool for personal blogs, I believe it's less cool for a more complex organization website.