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Configuring sendmail as an MSA

[Disclaimer: sendmail is very complicated, and I lack some knowledge. The following solution might be even bad, although it works (tm). Please post comments if you know better ways, and I'll update the post]

I was looking for a quick n' simple SMTP solution for sending mails only. Requirements:

  • A service that'll simply accept mails submitted locally and maintain a queue of mails-for-sending.
  • It'll then send the mails by SMTP directly to the target servers (i.e. gmail.com).
  • It should retry for a few days, if failed sending due to a local (dead connection) or remote problem.
  • A bizarre one: it should be listening on a port other than 25, because another daemon uses it already. I know it's nonstandard and doesn't make sense, but should be possible..

Apparently what I was looking for is an Mail Submission Agent (MSA), which also takes care of delivering the mail. Also there's a standard port for mail submission: 587 (submission).

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