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y2k10 bug: spamassassin might tag mail as spam

[ This is bug affects only to people using the spamassassin spam filtering software ]

Fabian Arrotin reports about this spamassassin bug, which tags mails dated 2010 and later - as potential spam (increases its spam-score). This is not silly - many spammers use fictional (far past/future) dates, wishing their spam would stay in the top/bottom of the long list of mails.

This bug alone didn't cause false positives in my spam folder (only increased the score from 0.0 to 0.6), but in some configurations or situations it could happen.

The Fix

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New Israeli anti-spam law

[Disclaimer: I'm no lawyer, please correct me if the info here is wrong]

I was surprised to read about the "spam revolution" that's about to happen on November 2008.
In short, sending spam without recipient permissions would:

  • Be illegal, with a 60,000-200,000 NIS fine.
  • Each recipient will be able to sue the spammer and get up to 1000 NIS, without the need to proof that any damage was made.

More about it (Hebrew):

Sounds great, eh?