A global ZoneEdit DNS update problem?

Update: Manually updating it in the web gui seems to fix the issue. I wonder if it's a temporary issue that was solved..

yet another an Is-it-just-me-or-is-it-a-global-problem? post:

A lightning had struck nearby and killed the power at around 03:00UTC. I've turned the computer back on at 09:22UTC (yes I know, I slept too much), and ddclient updated zoneedit.com with my new IP.

According to zoneedit's web gui, my IP got updated. But their DNS servers still give the old IP. (It's been 10hrs since my update, for it's 17:00UTC now)

I mailed their support, no reply yet (I'll update in this post, when there's news). Is anybody else experiencing the same problem?

14hrs without a functioning mail. Everything is so quiet and peaceful 🙂

2 thoughts on “A global ZoneEdit DNS update problem?

  1. Yoni Lupu

    Hope you set up secondary MX for held.org.il after our last chat about it 🙂

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