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Sudo make me a sandwich


Q: How come "which ifconfig" (runing as a user) finds nothing, yet "sudo ifconfig" does work?

A: sudo has a compile-time parameter called with-secure-path, which sets a different PATH for the sudo environment. Debuntu secure path contains /sbin:/usr/sbin, and that's how it works. This feature gets two goals: convenience (no full path required for common root cmds) and security (ignoring potentially bad user PATH).

NOTE that RHEL doesn't use this option, and running "sudo ifconfig" there simply fails.

Q: How come sudo requests a password only on the first run?

A: Sudo has a nice mechanism for creating these "sudo session" things. After authentication, sudo creates a 'timestamp dir' (in /var/run/sudo on my Debian), then uses its date to check when the last successful authentication took place.

  • Session timeout is configurable, defaults to 15mins.
  • sudo -k kills this session by simply removing the timestamp dir.

All info is found in the sudo(8) and sudoers(5) manpages


Just a quick insight from my workplace: to my surprise, a setuid binary deliberately ignores many environment variables such as LD_LIBRARY_PATH and LD_PRELOAD.

Security Shmecurity..